Writing Prompt: Health Care in 2067

We’re in the middle of a war (if we can dignify it with that term — it’s more like a gratuitously bloody brawl) that will shape our health care system for decades to come. The next few weeks will be significant, and too many people’s lives are riding on the outcome.

But we’ve been in the trenches so long that it’s hard, at least for me, to remember our original vision. Obamacare was the compromise legislation, never the end goal. Real, affordable, quality healthcare feels very far away.

But what if it wasn’t? As writers, we can explore a better health care system right now — and show the world what a better system might look like.

Writing prompt

Write a scene or story that shows our health care system in the year 2067 — fifty years from now.

Remember that this is a story, not a list of policy prescriptions. Today’s health care battle is about people. In your story, show how the system affects people, your characters. What does it feel like for them to get medical care? How is their struggle with illness or injury easier or harder because of the system that treats them?

It’d be easy to imagine a dystopian health care future. I had three horrifying ideas just typing that sentence. But I want to challenge you to write about a system that works. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement, and it genuinely attempts to make people healthier. What sort of system should we be striving toward?

If you do this exercise, tell us in the comments what you wrote about!

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