Our response to Charlottesville

We watched the violence and hatred in Charlottesville with horror and anger. The attitudes we saw there aren’t new, and they shouldn’t surprise any of us, but they should make us all rise up and demand better of our country. The goal of FutureShift is to play what role we can in bringing about a better world, and if our future doesn’t have justice and equality for all people, then it’s not actually better.

FutureShift was founded by, and so far continues to be the work of, two white women. Since the beginning of this project, we’ve been aware that we can’t do everything, and we don’t have the knowledge or the right to talk about solving every issue we care about, because on many issues — including this one — the people impacted should have a voice in the solutions. But we firmly believe that white people who care about equality and justice have a responsibility, a moral imperative, to speak out against the hatred of other white people. So we want to say:

We denounce white supremacy. Belief in white superiority has no place in the future we need to build. Nazis are evil. All of them. No qualifications.

We believe that a crucial part of fixing our broken society is to tell better stories. We want to see stories about love beating evil, about people who are different from one another banding together to build a stronger society than they could separately. We want stories that envision solutions to our current mess, and stories that look past them to societies that transcend these problems.

And stories about punching Nazis? Those don’t hurt, either.

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