Wonder Woman: When Superpowers Meet the Real World

Wonder Woman

This post is rife with spoilers for Wonder Woman. Consider yourself warned. Wonder Woman might be set during World War I, but in its darkness, it feels surprisingly relevant to us today. It asks the same question we’re all asking ourselves right now: how do we defeat evil in the world? What does it actually take? Superhero movies always have evil villains to defeat — it comes with the territory. Whether those villains are literal gods, demons, or overly ambitious humans, they share a certain solidity. You know that they’re evil. You can take comfort in that fact, and trust …

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What Star Trek Can Learn from Ghostbusters


This week, we wish happy birthday to Star Trek — the original series began 50 years ago! That’s an impressive run, and it’s still going strong. It’s gotten me thinking about what Star Trek means to me, about the latest movie and about spin-offs and reboots in general. Reinvented stories make up an increasingly large chunk of what Hollywood churns out. This makes financial sense, because studios can count on fans turning out to see even the crappiest remake. But it doesn’t always make for good stories. So what makes a reboot good? What makes it fail? What does it …

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