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FutureShift creates conversations and facilitates projects at the intersection of speculative fiction and social change. We help organizations and movements tap into speculative fiction concepts to imagine audacious solutions and communicate the urgency and complexity of their issues. We enable more speculative fiction creators to use the resources and thought leadership of organizations and movement leaders to tell powerful stories.

The creative science fiction workshop that Jo led for us was just what our team needed to break out of our routine and really get creative. We loved envisioning the possible futures, and it really helped think through what types of messaging might be most compelling to others. I highly recommend working with Jo and Amanda!
— Sarah Alexander, Food & Water Watch

Contact us to talk about how we can work together. The services we offer include:


We run workshops for two audiences: nonprofit/movement/social change organizations and speculative fiction content creators.

Our workshops for social change groups help staff and members understand the principles of speculative fiction and guide audiences through a world-building journey to imagine and consider your issues in a new and powerful light. We unlock new ways of telling stories through speculative fiction and teach your team how this lens can engage and excite your supporters. At the end of a workshop, participants are able to the creative tools speculative fictions creators use to solve real problems and engage real audiences.

For writers and content creators, our workshops delve into the possibilities and pitfalls of incorporating social change themes into speculative fiction. Through examples and exercises, you’ll learn how to work with movement leaders and explore pressing issues in your work in a way that stays true to the story you’re telling.


Jo and Amanda are available to speak at conferences and events about the intersection of social change and speculative fiction.


Have an idea for a project that could benefit from imagining new worlds and possibilities? Want to inspire people to audaciously solve big problems and realize their visions? Need help getting your project off the ground, or not sure where to start? Let’s talk — we can help.

Contact us to learn more about how we might work together.

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